Which Is Better cPanel or Plesk for Your Web Hosting Needs?

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When you are given the options of control panels (for your web hosting), you may ask yourself which is better cPanel or Plesk? A web host with the control panel is crucial when you want to enjoy an easy and simple web server management. There are several popular control panels, including Plesk and cPanel. But it also leads to confusion whether you want to choose one between the two. Before you decide anything, you need to know the details of each control panel.

Plesk vs cpanel

About the Control Panels

When we are talking about which is better cPanel or Plesk, you need to understand its basic function first. It’s true that both of them are popular and they are considered the best solution available on the market. But what is a control panel, really?

When you gain access to a web hosting service, the control panel would make it easy for you to manage the (hosting) setup. The web-based interface system comes in a graphic mode. It is easy to understand and it is quite simple to manage too. The main functions of the control panel are:

  • To manage the file within the server
  • To see the server stats
  • To manage the domain names
  • To manage the email accounts
  • To install the server software
  • To take care of the security on the server
  • To manage the database

The general perk is to help you manage the operation of the web hosting in the simplest and easiest manner. It also means that all kinds of users can manage and operate the server on their own without any fuss or confusion.

The Comparison

cPanel is the oldest of the two – first released in 1996. Not long, it has becomes the standard of control panel for commercial servers. The Plesk, on the other hand, was released in 2001 to respond to the Linux cPanel. Since then, it has become the main control panel for Windows-based servers.

What about the users interface? Well, they almost look similar but there are some detailed differences between the two. If you are new to control panel, then you may want to use cPanel. The dashboard is easier and simpler to use. Yes, the dashboard does have a lot of sections, but each area is easy to access and they are labeled clearly. The Plesk, on the other hand, has a different model with different feature organization. The management is based on individual site that you have (you are hosting) on the setup. For every site you have, the dashboard would display the configuration and settings applying to it.

Let’s say that you want to add an email account to the domain name, the methods and steps would be different on each control panel:

  • In cPanel, you go to Email and then choose the domain (where you want to assign the email account to)
  • In Plesk, you choose the domain and decide what to do with it, such as assigning a new email.

As you can see, cPanel is focusing on features first while Plesk is focusing on the hosted sites or domains first. Moreover, Plesk displays the (top level) settings within the side panel. If you are an advanced user, you may feel that Plesk is more efficient to use and it suits your needs more.

Final Words

Both of the systems are handy and they are helpful for your web hosting needs. When we are talking about which is better cPanel or Plesk, the decision is up to your needs. But both of them are completely functional with top notch security system. In general, Plesk is more expensive but it can also be used on different platforms.

You need to decide which one suits your needs more based on your professional needs and your web hosting requirements. The answer to your question which is better cPanel or Plesk depends on your needs.