The 8 Best Cloud Backup Services of 2019

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We have the 8 best cloud backup services of 2019 that you can try for all your storage needs. Whether it’s your work or personal computer, backups are essential in this day and age. Securing your machine alone isn’t enough, you need to have backups ready in case something bad happens. Some things that may cause data loss such as: power surges, hard drive failure, ransomware and any other threats that can randomly happen may destroy, delete, or remove your data. Here is our list of the 8 best cloud backup services of 2019.

Cloud Backup Services


Carbonite is a very popular cloud backup-services and considered to be one of the best by many people. Their package starts from $6 per month for one computer and can go up to $24 per month for multiple computers. Using the basic package, you can already enjoy unlimited backup for your main hard drive. You can add the option for external and video backups for $9 per month.

SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup being one of the cheapest cloud backup service is a good option for many casual users. From $3 per month you can enjoy backups for up to five computers and unlimited smartphones. Their backup solution comes with high-end 256-bit security, optional private encryption keys, and unlimited backup and version histories. The most expensive plan is $299 per month and gives you 10TB of storage.


For Apple users, iCloud could be the one you need. It comes with native integration and support for Mac and iOS computers and devices. It’s not designed for a full-computer backup but it can be used to back up your most important files. Backups are automatic thanks to the deep integration with Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices.


Acronis acts as a personal computer backup complete with an artificial intelligence that can detect, stop, and remove malware or ransomware. Acronis personal products are sold at #34 for the basic version, and $24 for the advanced version with cloud backups.


Dropbox is a very good solution to backup, sync and share your important files. While it’s not designed to backup your whole computer, it can provide a security to some degree. Dropbox can be used for free and you’ll get 2Gb of storage. For students, Dropbox is definitely among the 8 best cloud backup services of 2019.


Backblaze is probably one of the best cloud backup service that we ever reviewed. it backups your computer and any connected external hard drives for $5 per month or $50 per year. This plan includes unlimited data, so you’ll never worry of running out of space.


IDrive is a great alternative for cloud backup solution. With the basic plan you get 5 GB of cloud backup and storage for free. Upgrading to personal plan includes 2 TB for $52 per year or 5 TB for $74 per year. IDrive’s plans can be used on unlimited numbers of computers.

Google Backup and Sync

With more than one billion of people use Gmail, the included Google Backup and Sync is a very popular features that any registered user can use for free. You can use your Google account to access Google Drive and the add-on Google Backup and Sync. Google One is the name of the unified storage service including Google Drive, and can be purchased for $2 per month, this includes 100 Gb of storage. It can go up to, 2 TB of storage for $10 per month. There you have it, the 8 best cloud backup services of 2019.

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