Several Popular Ways on How to Improve WordPress Security

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If you are constantly worried about how to improve WordPress security, you aren’t alone. Many of the WordPress users are constantly worried about their website’s security – being worried that it may be hacked or broken through during vulnerable times. To give you an ease of mind, there are actually some easy tips that you can try to improve the protection and security features. You may miss some of them, thinking that they aren’t important for your online activities.

Wordpress Security

Email for Your Login Key

Do you know that using your email is actually safer than providing the username input? Here is a logical explanation to it: usernames are generally easy to predict. Email IDs are more difficult and there are millions of possibilities to try. Basically, your ID is unique and one-of-a-kind. When you use the email address, you are making a valid (and also legit) identifier to log into the WordPress. It’s a good thing that there are several security plugins that enable you to set your login up.

Disable the Login Hints

The login hints may help you to correct your typing, but it is a great opportunity that all hackers dream of. It is time for you to disable the hints. There are many sources that can help you disable the feature – hit the internet and find it out. A nice tip: you can even set up the ‘back off’ message to suit your moods. This is definitely one of the ‘fun’ ways on how to improve WordPress security.

Manage Website Lockdown

A website lockdown feature can be an ideal way to deal with continuous break-in attempts. Whenever there are wrong attempts repetitively, your site would automatically be locked down and you will get the notification for the unauthorized activity. There are actually some of the best security plugins available for the website lockdown, but if you are looking for the best one, iThemes Security has tons of handy features that would be handy for your security needs.

Set Strong Password

Your password is the important key to your WordPress so you should think about it carefully. Strong password is crucial because no one would be able to access your database. Use the combination of special characters, numbers, lowercase, and also uppercase to create your password – don’t forget to consider passphrases too. If you are clueless about this matter, you can use a helpful tool like Secure Password Generator.

Make Use of Two-Factor Authentication

Also known as the 2FA system, this feature adds another layer of protection and security. If you want to know how to improve WordPress security, consider this method. As the (site’s) owner, you are free to decide what kinds of methods to use. In general, a general password can be followed by a secret code, a secret question, a set of special characters, and such thing alike. You can also use Google Authenticator app that would send a secret code to your mobile phone. Only those with the secret code can log into the site. If you are new to this, you should think about using Google Authenticator because you can manage everything with only several clicks.

Disable the Trackback

If you want to secure your WordPress, you should think about disabling the trackback. This feature would send a notification that your link is linked to other web pages. Hackers love it because they can cause massive and chaotic DDoS attacks. They can also use the trackback to make use of the WordPress websites to do their (dirty) work. You can disable this feature by choosing Settings, choose Discussion, and then see the option ’Allow link notifications from other blogs’. Uncheck it.

There are still other methods and systems to protect your WordPress. But these are some of the most popular options on how to improve WordPress security.

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