Learn About the Benefits of G Suite for Your Business in 2019

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Do you what are the benefits of G Suite for your business? Google has a lot of products that can help any business to be more productive. Thanks to their set of powerful tools, you can improve your business to a new scale. You may be already familiar with Google’s products and services and now you can use that for your business.

In this article, we’re going to talk about G Suite. G Suite is Google’s suite of intelligent apps, it was known as Google Apps, till it got rebranded back in 2016. G Suite will be very useful for businesses who need email hosting for their operations. But not just email, G Suite also has a lot of apps, and features that can be very useful. Like we said, you may already be familiar with some of them and the other won’t take you a long time to learn. So, let’s get right into the benefits of G Suite for your business.

G Suite

Efficient Team Collaborations

G Suite apps allow you and your team to work and communicate quickly and efficiently. If everyone is working together on the same document, they can see the edits everyone makes in real time and G Suite automatically saves them in the cloud. The work progress is always be save.

You can alter the editing capabilities to all member or just a select few. As everyone works on the documents, they can use the built-in chat feature to communicate. Now you can complete projects much faster and more efficiently. No need to send emails over and over again.

Streamlined Communication

While we’re talking about communication, G Suite has more features to enhance that. G Suite offers consumers the ability to get a custom email with their domain name, with the format: [email protected] This feature will make your business look more appealing and professional in the eyes of your consumers or clients. Plus, they give 30 GB of storage, which is twice as much compared to the free version.

Data Security

One of the most important part of the benefits of G Suite for your business. Everyone in the company can safely store data and access it from any device. G Suite stores the information in Google data center that are scattered all around the globe. If one or more server fails, there are still more servers out there that allow you to store and access your data whenever you want.
You can store every piece of important information the cloud, and not worrying that it might be lost or inaccessible. This will also cut the costs for an offline or local storage that can cost a lot of money and space. You remain in control of what your employees access from G Suites on their own devices. Remember that everyone should not access important information via public Wi-Fi, a basic precaution for cyber security still need to be exercised.

Cost Savings

You can use G Suite for free and enjoy apps such as Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar, but if you choose to pay, you get more features. Over 3 million business have done this, it might be the time for you to join them.
Especially for businesses on a budget, G Suite can be the best investment for them. The conversion from an office server to G Suite cuts costs, work orders and interruptions. If you face any problems, you won’t need a tech team to fix issues.
There are two plans that you can pay for, basic plan is free for teams of 10 and fewer and each additional user is $5 per month. You will receive 30 GB of inbox storage and group alias addresses. Professional plan is $10 per user per month and offers unlimited cloud storage as part of the benefits of G Suite for your business.

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