4 Best “Cheap Dedicated Server” Hosting (2019)

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More and more people are looking for the best “cheap dedicated server” hosting (2019), it’s not surprising since creating and having a website is quick and easy these days. Investing your money in a dedicated hosting service as a website owner can go a long way and play a big role to improve your site. In 2019, having a dedicated server doesn’t cost a fortune that only large enterprises and high-earning businesses can afford, pretty much everyone can afford one if they know where to look.
If you don’t know, dedicated hosting is a kind of internet hosting that lets consumer use an entire server that is not shared with anyone else. So, if you’re one of the consumers, you can enjoy the full speed of the server for your website. You can make any kind of website and it will be handle anything you throw at it. And it’s not just performance but also better maintenance, support team, and more features. Let’s get right into it, best “cheap dedicated server” hosting (2019).

Cheap Dedicated Server


HostWinds is a very reliable dedicated server hosting in 2019. They offer many plans that can be used for all kinds of website and at affordable prices. HostWinds guarantees 99.999% uptime thanks to their generators, redundant A/B power and temperature-controlled system for all of their users. Migrating to their servers is easy, with Easy Website Transfer, saving time and money. You can take advantage of their support team if you have problems. HostWinds also offers 100% money back guarantee if the you’re not satisfied with their service.


Bluehost is regarded as the best value for money by some reviewers and they’re not wrong. Bluehost offers plenty of great features and they guarantee 99.98% uptime and a decent amount of storage. You can all of these with their cheapest plan starting at $79 per month.

One thing that Bluehost stands out the most is their help and support. You can contact their tech team any time you want and you have plenty of ways to do that. A good help and support team can help getting out of a sticky situation and make sure that everything runs smoothly, so it’s not something to be underestimated for. It’s best to know how good the tech support is before problems arise in the future.

The downside is Bluehost only have one location for their server, that is in Utah. If you’re outside of the US, it will take longer for you to load your site. The bandwidth allowance is 5TB for a month, some people considered it a bit too low for a dedicated server, if you have a lot of traffic you might need more than that.


if you’re looking for an eco-friendly web hosting platform, you should check out iPage. Their platform is designed for businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals who want personal websites. They have plenty of dedicated servers that can cater to your sites’ needs. They have a Startup plan that offers a 5TB bandwidth and 3 Ip addresses, 500Gb storage and 4GB RAM. Their prices start at $119 to $191 per month. iPage is a unique addition to our best “cheap dedicated server” hosting (2019) list.


A popular dedicated server provider. They offer cost-effective servers that are secure. Their prices start at $59 per month, and you will get 2x Intel Xeon E5530 Quad Core, 10TB and 15GB RAM. Their plans scale really well so you should read their plans before pulling the trigger. We love their versatility in terms of pricing, that’s why they’re on our best “cheap dedicated server” hosting (2019).

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